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April 12, 2003 – July 23, 2003


Un/Familiar Territory addressed the interface of cultural place and personal identity through a wide range of viewpoints and media as explored by ten artists: Ruth Boerefijn, Enrique Chagoya, Albert Chong, Allan deSouza, Cia Foreman, Arnold J. Kemp, Bari Kumar, Dinh Q. Lê, Juan Carlos Quintana, and Consuelo Jiménez Underwood.

Cia Foreman, "Warsaw" from the series 

Forgotten Ancestors: Shadows and Memories

1999 (printed 2003), Archival pigment print 

San Francisco Chronicle, March 4, 1981

by Thomas Albright


Review of Markers/Intimations at

Camerawork Gallery

ARTWEEK, Hal Fisher, February 28, 1981

Review of Markers/Intimations at

Camerawork Gallery

"Markers/Intimations, Cia Foreman's photographic and film installation, is a concise and effective mixed-media work. In three photographic sequences - a series of 8" x 10" images, a triptych and a diptych - Foreman explores a variety of camera perspectives in a deserted industrial building that is surrounded by flat, marshy land.

Working inside the building, the photographer documents contrasts between the dark interior space and the vast panoramas seen through the large windowless openings. Combining her pictures into sequences, she uses the photographic edge to make these spaces appear even more geometrically complex. After viewing the photographs, the observer moves to a small opening in a wall where a three-minute film can be seen through a window whose depth seems to match that of the cement walls seen in the photographs. Through montage and a continuously moving camera, the film recapitulates and expands the locales pictured in the still photographs.

Although the entire presentation is quite simple, it succeeds in drawing the observer into the space, altering perceptions from a still photogtaphic, i.e., passive, response, to a filmic, more participatory reaction. It is evocative, timeless in part, and demonstrates once again that less is very often more."


Excerpted from Perception Field of View catalogue introduction by Dinah Portner, May 1979. California State University, Sacramento, CA.

"At other times the documentary aspect of photography is exploited to illustrate an event of the imagination alone. The metapysical incident that is visually narrated in Cia Jacobson's Camus Prairie sequence never occurred, as far as we know, except on the surface of the print itself. Yet the photograph entices us to suspend disbelief momentarily in order to experience a fleeting moment of awe."

Catalogue and press release for Camus Prairie 

at 80 Langton Street (New Langton Arts),

San Francisco. 1978.

Review by Barbara Aubin of the exhibit

False Face, a Mask Exhibition at the

N.A.M.E. Gallery in Chicago. 1978

"[Foreman's] piece seemed more formal and formidable: woven leather and wire revealing a black void where the image of a facial structure might naturally be expected."

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